Are Resolutions Worth It?

If we all had a nickel for every New Years resolution we’ve made and broken, usually pretty quickly, we’d all be rich, right? I mean is it even worth it? We end up in this cycle of making them, breaking them and then feeling worse about ourselves then we did before we started.
Is this a good way to start a new year?
So what if, before we even think about resolutions, we take ten to consider what a resolution really is and then ask our selves a couple of simple questions to help ourselves answer the fundamental question: Is it worth my time, or should I just not bother?
And if it is worth it, how do we actually make the darn things stick? Well that’s what this first 2018 episode of A Better You in a Minute or Two is all about. I hope you enjoy it, and if you decide to resolve something, the next two installments will help you get it all in gear. Just click on the pondering young woman below and you’re off.
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January, 2018