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How to “Be” Your Way to Empowered Living

How to “Be” Your Way to Empowered Living   Most anyone whose worked with me and experienced my Synthesis process knows how powerful hypnosis is as a tool for creating powerful life changes. Of course once we do that we have to make sure we do something to... read more

Breathe Baby Breathe!

Do you know how much power lies in the very simple act of breathing? It’s enormous; you can do so much good for yourself by learning how to breathe on purpose with purpose. It’s one of the keys to transforming your life.  A big part of hypnotherapy and... read more

Happy New Year; Making Resolutions Actually Stick

This Year I Resolve to… Hmmm By John McGrail, Ph.D.             Almost all of us have “stuff” in our lives we’d like to change. We want to be happier, healthier, attract more abundance, have better relationships, build self confidence, feel more joyful, be less... read more

One Thing at a Time

One Thing at a Time One of the easiest ways to align with Rule # 1, Life is Supposed to be Fun, is to make a simple adjustment in the way you do things. It really is simple and it really is powerful, and it really is a cure for one of the most stressful activities a... read more

Perfect Imperfection!

Perfectionism is a very common goal and a very big problem; It’s impossible. So being a “perfectionist” guarantees a very tough life, so learn to perfectly accept your imperfections adopt a way of life of excellence– which is very doable, and... read more