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Perfect Imperfection!

Perfectionism is a very common goal and a very big problem; It’s impossible. So being a “perfectionist” guarantees a very tough life, so learn to perfectly accept your imperfections adopt a way of life of excellence– which is very doable, and... read more

Say “So Long” to Failure

I work with so many people who are paralyzed from living fully by a fear of failure. Hard to have much of a fun life if that’s the case. But this fear– like all the other fears we may we have, except the fear of falling and the fear of loud noise, the two... read more

Life is Supposed to be Fun!

  A Better You in a Minute or Two, # 11: Life is Supposed to be Fun! Really? YES!!! If you read my book, The Synthesis Effect, you will see that the first six words, the title to the introduction of the book and my Synthesis process, are those words, Rule #1,... read more

Let’s Get Real

Happy October!  You know, one of the most important (super important) requirements for creating change and transformation in our life is learning how we create our reality; after all, if we want to live a new reality, how did we get where we are to begin with? Well,... read more

Be A Super Hero in One Minute

Happy  Thursday, You know, there is no feeling in the world like giving someone a gift that they really, really wanted and watching the look on their faces as they receive it. Today you will learn how to do that over an over again; having that feeling of giving such a... read more