Happy  Thursday,

You know, there is no feeling in the world like giving someone a gift that they really, really wanted and watching the look on their faces as they receive it. Today you will learn how to do that over an over again; having that feeling of giving such a gift and being an inspiration to others while feeling like a zillion bucks yourself. And all it takes is about a minute of time. Just click the link below and thanks in advance for sharing this with all your networks and people. We can’t get enough of this little, but very powerful gift. And if you try it and do it consistently for a few days i promise it becomes addictive; but it’s a really, really good addiction. Feeling goos about yourself through empowering others is a great way to feel; not egotistical, or vain, or selfish, but spiritual, connected, involved and of service, and there is nothing better or more noble than being of service to our fellow members of the club we call humanity.

Click the link below to learn how to be a goodwill super hero in about a minute.

Become a Good Will Super Hero– in 1 Minute 


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Dr. John