Following up on the last episode and our introduction to meditation, here are some popular methods and meditative techniques; yes there is more than one way to skin the meditative cat, and each can be used for obtaining different aspects of personal empowerment, including one you probably haven’t heard about and it is absolutely killer in it’s potential. It’s like having a set of wrenches instead of only one; you become a better mechanic. Nothing like having your life running like a well oiled machine, and today I am giving you some “wrenches” to make it happen quickly. Meditation is one of the oldest and most powerful methods of creating energetic balance known to man. If you start meditating and you stick with it, you will be very glad you did because your life WILL change significantly. So, are you ready for your wrenches? Just click the blue link below:

How Do I Meditate? Let me Count the Ways!

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