The Tides of Emotion

There is nothing that feels worse than to suddenly find yourself in the muck and mire of a really bad mood and not even know where it came from or worse, when it will leave. I call these moments emotional low tides, cause it’s just like low tide at the beach; smelly, mucky, and well, just not much fun.

For people like you who have learned to seek and live in a positive energy, letting life be fun, (Rule #1) it’s even more distressing. You find yourself asking, What the heck is going on here, and your whole world gets dark. Everything seems to go sideways; at work, at school, at play– hell, who wants to play? “I feel like **%&! so leave me alone!” Yuck! You just can’t seem to get our of your own way.

We’ve all been there many times and truthfully we all know we will again–it’s inevitable that our emotions will cycle, just like the tides at the beach go out and come back in.

As always, I welcome your questions and comments; I will get to as many as I can, and, as always if it’s a personal question you will receive a personal confidential response.Thanks for sharing this with the people in your life. This technique can help us all stay in “high tide” more often and for longer periods.