Therapeutic Modalities

Introducing the McGrail Method™ of Quantum Synthesis

Creating a Better You— in fewer sessions!

Dr. McGrail has developed an exciting and powerful new therapeutic protocol. The McGrail Method™ of Quantum Synthesis, or more simply Synthesis, which combines hypnosis and related modalities with the cutting-edge science of quantum theory and ancient shamanistic wisdom and mind empowering techniques. This method is enabling his clients to create lasting change more profoundly and, on average, in far fewer sessions (up to 50% fewer) then would be required with conventional protocols alone!

Some of the tools of transformation

Therapeutic HypnosisNLPTimeline Therapy®, Therapeutic ImageryEFT

Therapeutic Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)

Hypnosis is a completely natural state of consciousness that we all experience every day. If you ever get completely absorbed in a good film or a good book, or drive along a freeway and drift into a day dream you are entering into a form of natural hypnotic trance. You’re awake and aware but your conscious mind is distracted.

The use of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool for promoting behavioral change, healing, and wellness was first recorded in the ancient civilizations of Egypt and India, but is undoubtedly as old as humanity. The reason is simple: Hypnosis is completely natural, safe, painless, and extremely effective. In short, it works!

All our values, beliefs, emotions, and behavioral patterns are learned, and reside in the subconscious part of our minds. When we induce hypnosis in therapy, we gain direct access to the subconscious (which is naturally suggestible to new ways of doing things) and in so doing bypass the conscious mind and the inner critic that makes changing behaviors and feelings so difficult. We allow ourselves to get “unstuck” in our ways, to “unlearn” our negative or unwanted behaviors, emotions, habits or fears, etc, and relearn new and desirable ones that can help us live a happier more fulfilling life.

Therapeutic hypnosis is used effectively as either a primary or adjunctive therapeutic tool for treating over a hundred behavioral, emotional, medical, and mental health issues, across a the spectrum of human experience and for both adults and children. We use it to Stop Smoking, for Weight Control, to erase Fears and Phobias, enhance Personal Growth, promote and generate better Health & Wellness, and we use it for Performance Enhancement at work, at home, and at play. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

To many people the term Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP), sounds intimidating, esoteric, and maybe even a little spooky. In reality it is none of these. NLP is a scientific concept based upon the notion of understanding our behavioral “models.” Simply stated, an individual’s behavioral models are a product of his or her experiences. Through our experiences we develop a system of values, beliefs, attitudes, memories, and emotions. These various attributes of personality dwell in in the subconscious mind and control how we act, react, and interact with other people and the world— how we model behavior.

All behavior models involve processes, most of them unconscious. NLP techniques help us understand the unconscious processes that combine to form your particular behaviors. Once you know exactly how and why you behave or feel certain ways in certain situations we can implement changes in your processes to help you feel and behave in a more positive and desired way. Using NLP techniques and tools we can help you create greater—

  • Self-image and confidence
  • Motivation and direction
  • Communication skills
  • Career and professional success
  • Relationships— romantic, personal, and professional

NLP serves as a powerful complement to hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy® in creating positive and lasting behavioral and emotional changes, helping you on the road to more vital, happy, and fulfilling life.

Timeline Therapy®

How we live today, how we handle the situations we face, how we create and pursue our goals and dreams for the future is all a product of our past. Your core values, attitudes, beliefs, and emotions— the generators of self image, behavior, and how you relate to others— are all learned over time through observation and experience. What if your links to the past— your values, beliefs, and emotions— are limiting you, holding you back, keeping you stuck in negative or undesirable attitudes and behavioral patterns?

Timeline Therapy™ is an exceptionally powerful method for helping you resolve your issues from the past, gain and take control of the present, and expand your horizons and expectations for creating and living a compelling and dynamic future.

Using Timeline Therapy™ we can actually neutralize negative emotions relating to your past experiences, emotions like anger, sadness, fear, guilt, and resentment. We can eliminate limiting beliefs like, “I’m not good enough, smart enough, worthy enough, etc.” We can even do away with fears and phobias, and help you adjust your core values to coincide with how you want to live, not how you learned to live.

Each individual has only so much energy. How you spend yours is important. Timeline Therapy™ can help you find peace with the past, increase your choices, and set goals for a compelling, vital future. Timeline Therapy™ is simple, powerful, and when used either alone or in concert with other modalities like hypnosis or NLP produces extraordinary results.

Therapeutic Imagery

Therapeutic Imagery is a natural and powerful modality that has been in use for at least 20,000 years. It is used to facilitate healing, change attitudes and behaviors, enhance performance, and help relieve symptoms associated with both physical and emotional ailments.

Virtually all behavior, emotion, and your proclivity for health, and wellness are rooted in the subconscious or unconscious mind, and the language of the subconscious is a language of image. For example, if I ask you to think of your mother, you almost certainly don’t see the letters M O T H E R in your mind, you instead invoke a mental image or picture of your mother, followed by whatever emotional response your mother or the word “mother” triggers in you. All of that happens automatically, without conscious thought or logic. Therapeutic imagery allows us to speak to your unconscious mind in its own language.

There are several forms of therapeutic imagery— Therapeutic Imagery, progressive relaxation, receptive visualization, and creative visualization. As a certified therapeutic imagery facilitator I have been trained in using all of these techniques and integrate them into many of my clients’ therapeutic programs. Alone or in combination with the other modalities, particularly hypnosis, therapeutic imagery is an exceptionally versatile healing tool. It allows clients to completely and safely explore their deepest issues and tap into their innermost resources, helping them to align body, mind, and spirit, the true source of holistic and lasting healing.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques™)

The human mind and body together is in essence an energy machine; a complex amalgam of electrical, chemical, emotional, and spiritual energies, all combined to form the remarkable organism we know as a human being.

EFT is in some ways a cousin of acupuncture and kinesiology. It comprises a methodology of tapping patterns along certain key energy points on the body to unblock and redirect the flow of energy back to a natural and healthy state. Using EFT can result in significant (sometimes almost instantaneous) relief from a wide variety of acute and chronic physical, emotional, and spiritual discomforts— from fear, anxiety, and panic to allergic reactions and chronic pain. EFT is so simple and so effective that sometimes the results seem unbelievable. Yet as we all know, seeing is believing.

The possible applications for EFT are almost limitless, and its healing effects are sometimes nothing short of miraculous.

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