Quit Smoking

Want to give yourself the gift of life and stop smoking for good?

To successfully quit smoking through hypnosis and hypnotherapy begins with a conscious desire to stop and your decision to act on it. Once you act and call me to sign up for the program, I actually offer a guarantee to help you quit successfully.*

You can quit three ways!

1) With me in the office

2) With me through Phone Sessions

3) On your own using my Quit Smoking, The Gift of life in 7 Days CD program.

*This program is guaranteed with certain conditions (see below) and only when administered in person in the clinic or through phone sessions. My CD programs come with a separate guarantee.

As a former smoker myself (and having quit smoking through hypnosis), I have an intimate understanding of the smoking addiction and and all the issues you will face when you make that decision. Combining my own experience with that of the countless clients I’ve helped stop smoking, both here in Los Angeles and around the country, I have designed and refined a proven hypnosis-based stop smoking program that allows you to quit smoking quite easily. Most clients stop smoking and leave the harmful effects, risks, and hazards of smoking behind after only one hypnotherapy session. In my view, to quit smoking is truly the gift of life, and I’d love to help you give this precious gift to yourself.With hypnosis, to help you stop smoking, it’s as easy as it can be.

My clients enjoy better than a 95% success rate! Think of yourself finally free from cigarettes and the smoking addiction; having quit smoking once and for all. Here in Los Angeles, and in many other cities, smoking is prohibited virtually everywhere. Imagine not having to worry about when and where you can light up, feeling trapped wherever you go, and guilty every time you do smoke — it all becomes a non issue. You feel better, breathe better, look better. Life on the other side of the smoking habit is, simply put, much, much better in every way.

Stop smoking once and for all– guaranteed!

My hypnosis-based smoking cessation program is personalized for every client (both my Los Angeles and remote clients) and begins with an initial 20-40 minute telephone consultation where I ask you a series of questions to evaluate your smoking addiction and your motivation to stop smoking. This session allows me to understand the behavioral and emotional dynamics of your habit (there are several general “types” of smokers and multiple combinations within these types) and to fully understand your motivation to quit smoking. I then design the structure of your hypnotherapy program to meet your particular needs. I also combine hypnosis with other natural and powerful tools like NLP, Therapeutic Imagery, and Timeline Therapy to insure a powerful and successful experience.

During the week or so leading up to our first hypnotherapy session, your “quit smoking” session, you will be placed on a “Preparing to Quit Program.” While preparing to quit smoking, you still smoke and but you begin to ready your body and your mind for the upcoming changes and the physical and emotional healing that will begin to take place the second you stop smoking after that first hypnosis session.

There are basically two general structures I employ for my smoking cessation program. The first— and the one most people do best with— involves taking you off cigarettes in a single two-hour hypnotherapy session following your period of “Preparing to Quit.” After this initial session you are a non smoker, and you will begin feel the difference immediately!

For a very few smokers, a longer “Preparing to Quit” reduction program of about 2 weeks is employed. This includes an initial 90 minute hypnotherapy session after the first week. After the second week, we do a one-hour “quit smoking ” hypnosis session, and you’re done. As mentioned, within either of these general frameworks, I customize the actual hypnotherapy sessions to fit your personal situation and needs. No two people’s smoking habits are exactly alike, thus no two hypnotherapy programs are exactly alike. I also provide you some very powerful tools to use at home that reinforce what we do in session and help you easily overcome any temptations to “slip.”

*My Guarantee

Follow the program exactly as I ask you to and I guarantee you will quit. If after your quit session you are still having any problems with smoking, as long as you are following the program I will offer you unlimited free follow-up sessions until you are smoke free.

*Individual results may vary

Is it hard to Stop Smoking? Will it hurt?

Most people find that they experience very little withdrawal and/or anxiety, and/or side effects, and I give you powerful tools to quickly and effectively deal with any of those moments should they arise. Every minute and hour of every day after the actual “quit smoking” session will find you feeling stronger, healthier, and more in control. Your body begins healing right away as well. The follow-up hypnosis sessions are designed to reinforce it all. You are free! Whether you’re a kid or a senior, smoking is a thing of the past. You stop smoking for good!

Stop smoking without weight gain

Many people avoid quitting because they fear that they will gain a lot of weight after they stop smoking. This does not have to be the case. Your metabolism will slow down slightly after you stop smoking, and you may gain a few pounds initially, but this is quickly reversed as you find yourself engaging in more healthy activities during the healing process. Committed ex-smokers actually tend to lose weight (about 8 pounds) over the course of the first year after they quit smoking. I also give each client a personally designed “replacement activity” for those initial days and weeks after your “stop smoking day” that does not include or allow eating a lot of unhealthy food as a way of replacing your smoking activity. Don’t let this unfounded fear stop you from gaining your freedom from this insidious and terrible habit.

Stop smoking hypnotherapy with a 90%+ success rate

Using hypnosis to effect behavioral, emotional, and physical change is as old as our species, first practiced by the ancients in Egypt and India, and probably even before that. Hypnosis isn’t magic; it is completely natural, safe, and painless, and it has helped millions of people change unwanted behaviors, break unhealthy habits, and enjoy more healthy, happy, and productive lives.

Your success begins with a sincere desire to change and your decision to do something. My clients enjoy a better than 95% success rate. When they stop smoking through hypnotherapy, most can’t believe how easy and painless it was. You too will successfully quit smoking for good if you have a sincere desire to do so. Remember, it all starts with that critical phone call. Why wait another day? Life is short. Why make it shorter? Whether your ‘e in the Los Angeles area or in another state or country, I’d like to help you quit and stop smoking for life. Call me at today and give yourself the gift of a healthier new life.

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The benefits— When you stop smoking within,


20 minutes of the last cigarette

Your blood pressure adjusts to natural levels, pulse rate returns to normal levels, and the body temperature of the hands and feet increase to normal.

8 Hours

Poisonous carbon monoxide levels drop to normal, oxygen level increases to normal.

24 Hours

Chance of heart attack is significantly decreased

48 Hours

Nerve endings start to re-grow, the ability to smell and taste begins to improve.

72 Hours

Bronchial tubes begin relaxing and lung capacity begins to increase.

2 Weeks to 3 Months

Circulation improves; walking becomes easier, lung function increases up to 30%

1-9 Months

Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue, shortness of breath decreases. Cilia re-grow in the lungs, increasing the ability to handle mucous, clean the lungs, and fight infectious agents

5 Years

Lung cancer death rate for an average smoker (1 pack a day), decreases from 137 per 100,000 people to 72 per 100,000 people.

10 Years

Lung cancer death rate for an average smoker (1 pack a day) drops to 12 deaths per 100,000 people, almost the rate for someone who never smoked. Pre-cancerous cilia are replaced. The risk of other smoking-related cancers such as those of the mouth, larynx, esophagus, bladder, kidney, and pancreas decreases.





Think Los Angeles smog is bad for you? Check out some of the ingredients in cigarette smoke–

There are over 400 ingredients in cigarette smoke, most of them poisons. Here is a very short, partial list of some of the more interesting chemicals you inhale with each drag on a cigarette. Is there danger in smoking? See for yourself.

  • Nicotine (an insecticide)
  • Ammonia
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Formaldehyde (used for embalming dead bodies)
  • Arsenic
  • Cyanide
  • Benzene
  • Butane
  • Cadmium (heavy metal akin to lead)
  • Lead
  • DDT
  • Methoprene (an insecticide)
  • Naphthalene (used in mothballs)
  • Methyl iso-cyanate (cyanide derivative)
  • Propylene Glycol (basically antifreeze)