How to “Be” Your Way to Empowered Living

Most anyone whose worked with me and experienced my Synthesis process knows how powerful hypnosis is as a tool for creating powerful life changes. Of course once we do that we have to make sure we do something to make them stick; sort of a one-two punch.

And that’s where the topic of today’s episode comes in. Meditation is exactly what the doctor orders–pun intended, sorry– to help accomplish that ultra important part of creating a better you. Meditation is a major part of virtually all religious, spiritual and philosophical traditions, and yet is grossly misunderstood and even feared in our technology-driven, uber-materialistic culture. And that’s part of the reason so many of us are so wigged out so much of the time.

So, I invite you to dive in and begin to get acquainted (or reacquainted if you’ve forgotten how cool meditation really is) with one of the most powerful tools that exist to help anyone– and I do mean ANYONE– rise from the ashes of virtually any dysfunction like a proverbial phoenix, and feel more alive and able to thrive than ever before. Just click here.