What My Clients Have To Say

“For the last 25 years I have been searching for a way to find peace in my life. Nothing came close until I worked with Dr McGrail. I don’t have the words to tell you how effective his methodology and style is. His work with me has changed my life forever for the “so much better.” John did in 5 weekly visits what nothing else did in 25 years. Its not even close.”

- Denise D. New Orleans, LA

“Dr. John McGrail is not only the best Doctor I’ve ever been to, he is one of the most intelligent and caring people I have ever encountered. I am truly grateful for all that he has taught me. I would highly recommend John McGrail to anyone who wants a change in their life!”

-Rebecca D., Hollywood, CA

“I am still amazed that I simply don’t think about smoking any more— I mean I think about it now and then, but it’s simply not an option and that’s it, I’m done. Thank you, Dr. McGrail, for helping me through this in such a painless manner. You’re the best!”

-Jackie Peterson, Customer Service Rep, Los Angeles

“Dr. John McGrail is truly the BEST of the BEST… Not only is he highly experienced in his field, his care, his patient ways, and his true compassion for his clients is second to none. If you are going thru a hard time in your life as I have been… this is where you want to be I could no do this  without this man… he WILL change your life!!!!!”

-Helene K., Realtor, Oxnard, CA

“My hypnotherapy sessions with John have had such an incredible impact on so many aspects of my life. Where previously I struggled with my weight and self-confidence, John helped me develop a positive focus for my life that he then reinforced through the hypnotic suggestions. It was all a very natural and pleasurable experience.”

-Ashlie Larson, Media Executive, Culver City

“Dr. John McGrail is a gifted hypnotherapist.  His sessions are safe, simple, and pleasant.  He has helped me to make significant and satisfying behavioral changes.”

-Anne Saldo, Licensed Acupuncturist, Santa Monica

“Dr. McGrail was able to help me quit smoking, and then give me the mental tools necessary to enforce the therapy and allow me to combat the mental urges that make us all do things habitually, even if they are bad for us. Thanks John, you not only changed my life, you saved my life!”

-Anne Saldo, Licensed Acupuncturist, Santa Monica

“Well, all the work we’ve done paid off!  I’ve met a beautiful woman and recently enjoyed my first evening of intimacy in 8 years! I am not sure what will happen next between us but I am open to all possibilities. I would be content with a relationship developing or just leaving it where it is… So, I just wanted to let you know, thank you for all your help, and confirm what you probably already know: it works!  Add another success story to your list. Thanks Doc.”

-Anne Saldo, Licensed Acupuncturist, Santa Monica

“When I first saw the ad for Hypnotherapy as a remedy against an addiction of cigarettes I was skeptical because I figured if it were that easy, then why was it not more popular as a final remedy?  Still, I had tried almost everything else: the patch, the gum, sheer will (this never works), so this was my last hope and I felt I had nothing to lose. It only took one call for me to get a complete understanding about Hypnotherapy and to remove the mysticism I had associated with it so that I could understand the clinical application of this proven method of treatment. After the first session I was no longer a smoker. I’m still no longer a smoker. Thank You!”

-Lee Mercer, Corporate Executive, Los Angeles

“I was at a party and one of my friends asked me what had been my highlight for the year. I thought about it and then replied, ‘meeting and working with Dr. John McGrail. He has helped me accomplish something I never thought I could.’ I eat so healthily now, I exercise when I can, and I’m feeling so good!  This is a lifestyle I can live with for the rest of my life. Thank you, John, for helping me to help myself!”

-Miriam Malabicky, Teacher, Los Angeles

“Absolutely amazing. Life changing! Don’t hesitate for a moment – go see him today!!! There’s no way I could give him a higher approval or recommendation!”

-Chase M. Reno, NV.

“I read The Synthesis Effect, and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I loved it!  I read it in less than a week, it was right up my alley and right on point with everything I have been thinking and doing. As cliché as it sounds this book  has definitely been a huge influence in my personal growth and the changes I am making in my life.”

-Chase M. Reno, NV.

” Thanks Dr. John, with that very short, short meeting, you changed my life completely.”

-Vee Cristobal, CPA, Los Angeles

“Thank you for forever changing my life for the better. You have helped me with issues that have been problems for me since childhood. You are truly a professional and I highly recommend you to family and friends.”

-Gehrin Ortiz, Mortgage Broker, Thousand Oaks

“Dr. John McGrail gave me the courage and the tools to finally get over my smoking habit.  I really didn’t’t think I could ever beat it, and with John’s help it was painless. I am a believer!”

-Jane Revner, Curator, Los Angeles

“I am continuing the work that we started together, and sometimes I am surprised to realize how great I feel— both spiritually and physically. I am getting better at consistently choosing happiness and it has changed my life. Thanks again for your work and inspiration.”

-Mariana Lajmanovich, Music Teacher, Los Angeles

“As a CEO, it is my responsibility to maintain a level head and balanced outlook when making critical business decisions. The stress of my role combined with the pace of modern life was manifesting itself in negative behavioral patterns. Through a series of treatments, Dr. McGrail has led me to a point that allows me to monitor and maintain a sense of mental balance and positive energy in my life.”

-Chris. Rathman, Corporate CEO, Los Angeles

“Dr. John McGrail’s hypnotherapy provided me with just the tools I needed to finally get my eating habits— and my weight— under my control.  John took the time to really understand my unique situation. I look forward to our sessions as powerful, relaxing, and fun. Most importantly, I’ve gotten results.”

-John Denissen, Fund Raising Executive, Corporate Consultant, Venice

“Thank you for of your expert professional help – I will be grateful for many, many years that I was lead to you.”

-Brooke Maile, Business Executive, Santa monica

“I started smoking when I was 12 years old, needless to say smoking was my way of life.  All that time, I had been living an incomplete life; I missed the toast at the wedding of a very dear friend, where I was the maid of honor, because I was outside smoking. I called Dr. McGrail put of sheer desperation, one day I woke up and realized cigarettes had taken over my life.  As soon as I heard his voice I was hopeful, he took the time to listen and explain, he was understanding not judgemental.  One session was enough for me, six days later I was able to get on a plane without smoking half a pack before boarding. I can’t put into words the impact this has made in my life, words can never be enough to thank Dr. McGrail for giving me my life back.”

-Grisselle Rodriquez, , Business Executive, Los Angeles

* All testimonials are true statements written by real clients, however, as with any process results with hypnotherapy vary amongst individuals and are subject to many factors. As such, Dr. McGrail cannot and does not offer or imply any guarantee of success.