Pediatric Hypnotherapy

Can kids be hypnotized?

As a rule, children are naturally suggestible and make excellent hypnotic subjects. They thus respond very well to Hypnotherapy. This short video provides an introduction to hypnosis and hypnotherapy for children.

I work with more and more children every year, from about the age of 5 through adolescence. It is a joy to help a young person find their way and attain their goals. If you have any questions about hypnotherapy for your child, whether you live in Los Angeles or on the East Coast, please call at any time. I offer consultations at no cost to you.

And here’s what some of my clients’ moms have to say–

“WOW…is the appropriate beginning to this review. I heard about Dr. John McGrail from a dear friend of mind whose daughter was suffering from severe anxiety. When my 9 year old son had a panic attack, that was unbearable to witness, I knew it was time to take action. I called Dr. McGrail immediately and he was able to squeeze us in 2 days later. My son had 1 session with him, and has improved 100%. He used to be afraid about the “what if’s” of the world on a nightly basis, but since his appointment, he has had ZERO issues. He told me yesterday that he started to think about Zombies the other night before bed, and he practiced his breathing exercises and his fear disappeared…He said “I dont know how that works, but it does” 

“Dr. John McGrail has a great way with kids and adults. Watching him practice hypnosis on our son was very powerful and positive. I know we may be back for a tune up at some point, and that is fine, because I feel like Dr. McGrail gave us back our sweet loving funny 9 year old son! I’m so grateful that we found him.
I highly recommend!”  

 “My 8 year old suffered from terrible separation anxiety. So bad that she couldn’t go to school.
It was heartbreaking and we tried different types of therapy and then I found Dr. John. My daughter felt safe with him right away and the hypnotherapy session was amazing. After one session she was back to herself! I’m so thankful for Dr. John McGrail, he’s the best” 

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