Dr. John is a frequent guest on radio and television and he is often consulted by writers for online and print articles dealing with hypnotherapy, spirituality, and creating change and transformation in life. Here are some noteworthy episodes. Check back frequently for updates and new shows. Also, check out Dr. John’s YouTube channel; just click on the photo below.

Latest Appearances

Be You Find Happy, with Michaela Renee Johnson

The Amato Podcast, with Ryan Amato


Dreams, Dreaming & The Subconscious Mind

My Seven Chakras with AJ Ditya

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Mind Flipping, with host, Rick Paddock
The Formula, with Host Trevor Carlson 
Marketer of the Day, with Robert Plank 

Health and Wellness

The Transmutation Podcast with Michael Jaco and Moe Midar
Luanne’s Land, with host Luanne: End Your Suffering Now!  Luanne’s Land
GSMC Health & Wellness Podcast, with Sarah Meckler
The Tim Laskis Show
A Fine Time for Healing with Randi Fine

Past Life Regression

8 Signs You May Have Lived a Past Life, Readers Digest


Finding Your Soulmate, with Leanne, The Barefoot Medium
Raw Relationships, with Melissa Walker– “Life is Supposed to be Fun!”
The Love Magnet, with Lorna Poole

Science & Spirituality

Mission Evolution, with Gwilda Miyaka

Consciously Speaking, with Michael Neeley
Inner journey, with Greg Friedman

Smoking Cessation

Can Hypnosis Help You Quit Smoking? Huffington Post

Stress & Anxiety

The Anxiety Show, with Tim Collins

The Synthesis Effect

Consciously Speaking with Michael Neeley

Synthesis & The Four Agreements wit Randi Fine


A Better You in a Minute or Two, Episode 42: Rule #1


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Personal Appearances

Dr. McGrail is available as a guest lecturer, instructor, and keynote speaker for professional, civic, and social organizations, corporations, expos, conferences and conventions. Call 1-800-369-1516 for inquiries.

 Sample Session/Workshop Titles

  • A Day of Synthesis— Creating a Better You
  • Me, Myself and Us— The Secret to Great Relationships
  • Healthy Mind, Healthy Body— the Path to Personal Power and Transformation
  • Automatic Excellence— Programmed for Success
  • Mastering Business Rapport— Supercharging Business Performance & Your Bottom Line
  • The Power of Rapport— Creating an Irresistible You!
  • 5 “Quick” Steps to Success & Abundance
  • The Power of Choice— Choosing Your Future
  • Creating a Thinner You Through the Inner You
  • The Joy of Public Speaking
  • Inner Golf, Lower Scores
  • The Power of Spirit— Keys to a Life Health, Happiness and Abundance

For inquiries regarding booking Dr, John for speaking engagements, workshops or seminars call: