Rule # 1, Part 2

As I mentioned in our last episode, one of the first items on the agenda for any new reader, client, group of workshop students or an audience at a speaking engagement is to learn about what I call Rule #1: Life is Supposed to be Fun! A lot of people misinterpret or misunderstand what living Rule # 1 is supposed to mean or feel like.

At first this surprised me until I realized that for most people the word, “fun” generally connotes thoughts of “pleasure” and “play” and, of course, the idea of a life filled with only pleasure and play is both unrealistic and difficult for anyone to fathom; most of us have to work for a living, and we have responsibilities we have to fulfill etc. So what is the right meaning for ”fun’ as it applies to the Rule?

I mentioned this last time, but think it’s worth repeating; the best word might be “enjoyable.”  Fair enough, yet that still often results in a sideways look of question and doubt. Truthfully, I suppose that’s not too surprising when one considers just how many folks have issues that hold them back and make their lives anything but enjoyable.

So with that in mind, and right on the heels of our last episode, “Solving the Riddle,” let’s take a closer look at Rule #1, which I still stand by: Life ISSupposed to be Fun; and it can be, I promise. All it takes is two simple steps. Click on the happy face below and enjoy!

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I had the great pleasure of recently joining host, Luanne on her podcast, Luanne’s land. The topic of our discussion was “End Your Suffering Now.” It goes right along with learning how to live by Rule #1. Hope you’ll give it a listen; just click on the photo below.

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