So what are you afraid of? We all have fears; it’s a natural defense mechanism designed by Mother Nature to protect us and keep us out of harm’s way. But normal fears have big, mean cousins called phobias. These can be normal fears that somehow get out of hand so the fear you feel is far in excess of the actual risk, or worse, a fear that is totally irrational, so you are afraid of something that poses no risk at all.

Either way, phobias can have a devastatingly negative impact on the quality of your life; they can rule you to the extent that you aren’t able to participate in what would be considered every day, routine activities.  When that happens, as Scoobie-Do would say, “Ruh, Ro.”

Fortunately, for the most part phobias are easily treated, and what seemed horrifying can become a non entity in a very short time with a genuine desire, a willingness to do the work and the appropriate treatment. You can be right back in the game, flying, driving on the freeway, giving presentations, going to the doctor or dentist, swimming in the big blue ocean, or enjoying a movie in a small theater, or… fill in your blank. This episode of A Better You in a Minute or Two takes a look at this phenomenon and having worked with hundreds of sacredly cats and phobics of one sort or another–would you believe a phobia of pickles?– I can attest that these pests of the human mind can be exterminated quickly and efficiently, leaving you free to live your life again.

Just click on the poor, frightened lady below. Oh, she is looking at a picture of a spider; for the most part harmless little creatures that if left alone are a great benefit to us humans– that is when we no longer fear them.