Smoking Cessation


Quit Smoking; The Gift of Life, in 7 Days!

As featured on the TLC program, “Resolutionaries”

This program is available as an MP3 instant download.

This program is designed to help you quit quickly and painlessly and is patterned after my highly successful Smoking Cessation program (featured on The Learning Channel’s (TLC) new show, “Resolutionaries.”) I use this system to help hundreds of clients kick the habit every year! And it’s as easy to use as counting from 1-4. Just listen to the tracks in order, follow the easy directions and in 5-7 days you will be smoke free!

I believe that quitting smoking is truly the gift of life and I’d like to help you give that gift to yourself or a loved one. It’s a decision you will never regret!



Smoking Cessation

Available via MP3, instant digital download


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